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Based at a brand-new lodge built within the property of a Brazil-nut harvesting farm/Hacienda, this trip is designed for the angler who is seeking an unforgettable experience hunting the truly big fish of the Amazon, the giant Arapaima as well as a variety of large catfish.

Arapaima Paradise Lodge Adventure Trip


This mighty leviathan is the one Amazonian fish that every angler wants to catch and is the Holy Grail of all the Amazonian species. Arapaima lurks in the many ponds, lagoons and lakes (over 50 in this system alone) off the river. This fish is prehistoric in every sense, it’s an air breather, but it’s an incredibly delicate fish for its size at the same time.


Arapaimas ‘roll’ on the surface to gulp air and they easily give their presence away. With our strict catch and release policy, ALL Arapaima are not harmed in any way. They are revived carefully and released quickly to fight another day.


These incredible river monsters grow in excess of 4.5m and reach over 500lbs! The areas where we fish have many Arapaima and we target them using big flies and lures or with live, cut or whole dead baits.


To catch an Arapaima on a fly must be up there with the ultimate fishing experience to be had by any angler in the world! Heavy 10-12wt. outfits and big flies are a must here.


We also fish ‘lighter’ outfits with medium-sized lures to trigger amazingly strong and aggressive strikes from big Arapaima. A heavy or medium-heavy set-up with 65lbs braid provides some of the best sport fishing for these leviathans.




Huge Cats, from the unusual up to big bruising bullies are found in the deep holes of the river system proper. All can be caught on cutbait, livebait or whole dead fish.


Two species of Surubim or Shovel-nosed Tiger Cats (incuding the easily-caught and very odd, elongated ‘Paleta’ or Firewood Shovel-nose) are both fast, sleek and strike hard. These hieroglyphically-marked predators are also caught on lures. Growing to over 50lbs, they are powerful fish to catch.


The Flat-whiskered Cat is a dynamite of a fish for its size. Averaging 15lbs, they max out at about 25lbs and are the tastiest fish in the Amazon.


The express train Redtail Cats must be rated as the hardest-fighting Cats in the whole Amazon for their size. An 80lb Redtail will take you all over the river and strip line in reel-smoking, screaming runs.


Monster ‘Amarillos’ Jau Cats to over 180lbs are the Rottweilers of the river dwell in the rocks and fast water and will take you deep in their caves! Gentle persuasion followed by brute force is needed to land these giants.


The big Dourada Golden Catfish grows to over 150lbs and when hooked, roars off at 100 miles an hour. A great adversary by any standards.

The Fishing

Day 1:  TOUR STARTS - Arrive in Santa Cruz, Bolivia no later than this day, transfer to hotel and overnight (included).


Day 2:  Early morning transfer to  airport, commercial flight to Riberalta,then charter flight in same plane to the Hacienda. Overnight at lodge (all included).


Day 3 - 8:  Six (6) days fishing..


Day 9:  Return back to Riberalta and onwards to Santa Cruz. Onwards journey home TOUR ENDS.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

For 6 full fishing days and 8 nights: USD$4,500

Cost per angler based on double occupancy.


Included: 8 nights, (including one night at hotel on 1st day of arrival in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, return flights to Riberalta / Hacienda, seven nights at lodge with six full days guided Arapaima and Cat fishing, daily laundry, local transfers, all meals, water, soft drinks, beer and local spirits/liquor.


Not included: International airfares, tipping (suggested USD $250 per person to be divided between guides and lodge staff), meals and drinks other than in lodge or when fishing, liquor or other drinks other than above, costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip, lures, fishing tackle etc.                                                                                                                                                                                


* Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please inquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.


** International flights are not included, but we can help you arrange them..


Terms and conditions of payments: 50% as deposit on reservation, 50% due 90 days before arrival in Manaus

Through our travel agent partners we are able to secure excellent rates for all your international and domestic flights and travel insurance that are not included in our packages.

Please ask for Details

A complete and comprehensive list of gear, clothing and tackle suggestions will be provided once reservation payments have been made.



ask Us

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Tour Summary

Arapaima Paradise Lodge


Mid-June - November

Giant Arapaima And Catfish Adventure Trip

Arapaima ~ Amarillo/Jau ~ Paleta/Firewood Surubim ~ Tiger Shovelnosed Surubim ~ Flatwhiskered Cats ~ Golden Dourada Cats ~ Redtail Cats ~ Payara/Vampire Fish ~ Peacock Bass ~ Matrinxã and much more

Brand-new lodge built within the property of a Brazil-nut harvesting farm / Hacienda

$4,500 *

6 days fishing and 8 nights

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Arapaima Paradise Lodge - Bolivia




Trip Type


Approx Cost


No of Days

Fishing Vacation in Bolivia


Our lodge is built to high standards, to accommodate 8 anglers in four twin rooms with en suite bathrooms and A/C in each room. There is a bar, eating area, TV room/lounge with a kitchen provided top local meals.

The Lodge

Bolivia-Fishing-Arapaima Bolivia-Fishing-Big-Arapaima Bolivia-Fishing-Catfish

Vaccinations:  Please check on the Yellow Fever Vaccination is up to date and inquire for any other medication to your doctor.


Documents Entry/Exit Requirements: US citizens will need Bolivian Visas. Please check with your country of residence if required Visas. All EU passport holders do NOT need any Visas.


Flights: What City do you fly into?  Santa Cruz (VVI) - Bolivia.


Season: mid-June - November.

Travel and Logistics