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Fishing for Alligator Gars can only be described as ‘Crazy Fishing for Giant Prehistoric Predators’, which can reach well over 300lbs.  The largest caught on one of our trips weighed in at an incredible 365lbs!

Crazy Fishing for Giant Prehistoric Predators

Day 1:  TOUR STARTS - arrive at Bush Airport in Houston, Texas and transfer to our host’s comfortable cabin, which sleeps four anglers and has Wi-Fi, refrigerator, A/C, full bathroom, coffee maker and satellite television.


Day 2 to 6:  Guests will buy their fishing licenses on route to the river (not included and approx. USD $16 each day or USD $58 yearly) and five full days Alligator Gar fishing.


Day 7:  transfer back to Bush Airport in Houston, Texas and onwards journey home - TOUR ENDS.


* Each tour can include less or more days as required, and the cost can be altered accordingly. The daily rate for the boat with two anglers is USD $670

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

USD $670 per boat per day with two anglers (based on double occupancy).


Example: 6 nights and five days fishing would cost USD $3350 per boat per two anglers/per angler USD $1,675.


Fishing time: Sun-up till 14.00h. *Extra time can be added @ USD $110 @ hr per day.


Fishing Licenses @ approx. USD $16 each day or USD $58 yearly.




All bait, tackle, accommodation, all fishing.


Not included: 

Any flights, hotel stays, fishing licenses, visas, breakfast, lunch or dinner (all available close to the cabin).

*Separate cost of $250 (based on two anglers) for return transfers Bush Airport Houston, Texas.

Through our travel agent partners we are able to secure excellent rates for all your international and domestic flights and travel insurance that are not included in our packages.

Please ask for Details

With approx. 500 miles of the Trinity River (the best river for trophy Alligator Gar) and the Lake Livingston area, anglers have an enormous region to catch these huge animals.


Anglers will fish with large bait runner reels spooled with 150 lb braid and with European bite alarms.  Four alarms and rods are set up on the bank and then our anglers will sit in the shade and wait for a bite. Typically, each pool will be fished for about 1 hr and then the boat will move, repeating this until the day is up.


While waiting for Alligator Gars to take the baits, guests can fish for Catfish/Carp and Buffalo Carp and other smaller species from the boat.  Often, anglers will have multiple hook-ups at the same time. This can be hilarious at times …..


As soon as a big fish is hooked and it has been lassoed and brought safely on board, a suitable area will be found to take pics. Alligator Gars are air breathing fish, so you can take much longer to take pics with absolutely NO harm to the fish.


The average weight of an Alligator Gar is between 50-120 lbs.  Anglers often catch 2-3 Alligator Gar over 100lbs each day. *The boat record to date is seven Alligator Gar over 100 lbs in a single day.



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Tour Summary

Texas, USA

Trinity River and Lake Livingstone area

United States of America

April – end October

Adventure fishing trip for Giant River Monsters!

Alligator Gar

Crazy fishing for giant prehistoric predators, which can reach well over 300lbs.

from USD $1,675 per angler

6 nights with 5 days fishing

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Alligator Gar... Texas River Monsters!





Trip Type


Approx Cost


No of Days

Alligator Gar Vacation Holiday

We are able to offer our anglers the chance to catch one of the most spectacular predatory fish species in the world.

The Fishing


A typical day: Each morning our anglers will leave the lodge approx. one hour before daylight and be driven to the chosen fishing area, stopping along the way for gas/ice and something for breakfast. Anglers can also pick up lunch there, or it can be purchased the night before at the local grocery store, along with drinks for the day.


While anglers can drink beer on the boat during the day, we request that they do not drink too much or be drunk. If this happens, then the angler(s) will be returned to the cabin for the rest of the day. Alcohol must be purchased the night before as Texas does not sell beer before 10.00am.


Fishing time: Sun-up till 14.00h. Extra hours can be added and charged for accordingly – see below in What does it cost:  

A Typical Day

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We manage to catch lots 100 lb plus fish each year; with fish over 200 lb being taken also each year. The season spans from April to the end October.

The Season

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