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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your destination, you will fly to a main international airport nearest to your fishing destination and perhaps even another domestic flight to the next town or city. Charter flights, boat or road transportation are then organised to take you to your final destination.


How do I get there?

Most folks where we go are fun and lively with a great sense of humour. They like it when we ‘gringos’ can get involved with them from the start and most guides will bend over backwards to help and make sure you have a trip of a lifetime.

What are the people like?

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Many Latin American countries demand a Yellow Fever document to travel with you at all times and some countries will not allow you entry without one. It is also advisable to have inoculations for Hepatitis and Tetanus. Most areas are totally Malaria-free, although it is always advisable to take Malarone or Mefloquine as a precaution in any Malaria area (we can advise you which areas are within this range). For all trips, we advise you speak to your family doctor and get the low down from him directly.

What health precautions do I need to know about, vaccinations and medication etc. ?

We are not in the business of taking you to dangerous places. All our destinations have been chosen for our clients to feel safe and looked after in every way. All our camps, boats and lodges are operated by expert and experienced staff and clients are safely secured in any of our destinations. We will never purposely put you in any dangerous situation.

Is it dangerous?

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We have chosen our destinations to coincide with the best possible weather, although storms and freak weather can occur at any time. Depending on the destinations and country to be fished, most are hot and sunny throughout the day and sultry during the evenings. Most camps, lodges and boats have air conditioning or fans.

What will the weather conditions be like during my stay?

Difficult one to answer, but we choose our dates with care to coincide with the best of the fishing seasons.

What is the best season?

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Depending on the time of year chosen and the destinations, we will advise you on fish species and countries to be visited.

Where is the best destination and where can I have a chance at catching the biggest fish?

While many of our more remote destinations are hard-core and not suitable for some women or children, some of them are suitable for the whole family. We have our luxury motherboats and lodges, we have beaches, other activities for kids.  Most kids can handle these trips well and many have come back time and time again with Dad.

Can I bring my wife and is our destination suitable for kids?

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Most of our destinations have the most unbelievable and abundant amount of wildlife and wonderful scenery. They are ideal for photographers and nature lovers as well as anglers. Again, depending on the destination to be fished, we can advise which is more suitable for the non-angler.

What about non-fishermen?

Normally there is always satellite phone, internet, radios etc. on the motherboats, lodges and camps. If Steve is with you (especially the Amazon trips), he always has a sat. phone to use which is always turned on. Sat. messages can be sent by anyone to this phone in emergencies too.

Can I be contacted in case of emergency?

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Once a deposit has been made, we will send you a pre-trip preparation, complete with packing and suggested gear list to take with you.

Can you help me with pre-trip preparation? What clothes should I take? What tackle should I bring?

We have fish species for everyone, all around the world. Depending on the destination chosen, we can advise on all tackle requirements for each species.

What species will I expect to catch on my trip?

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We advise you to take out travel, health and personal insurance for any possible event. We also suggest that elderly anglers with illnesses take out a policy with Global Rescue.

What about insurance?

Most countries require US guests to get a Visa, while members of the EEC, British, French, German etc. require less, if any. Our US representatives can help in arranging US visas for you.

What about Visas?

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Always bring a copy of your passport as you may lose your original. Take your Yellow Fever book with you to each country. Normally Visas are stamped into your passport .... ESTA's are loose documents so if any EU but non-US residents are passing through the States, please apply and bring this with you.

What documentation will I need?

Our associate travel agent will arrange the lot, from all flights, any extra hotel stays required and even travel insurance. We advise booking flexible flights.

What about my airline tickets?

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Depending where you would like to fish and which species, we can supply you with dates and costs for every trip. Please check each destination and species pages.

What are the availabilities of each trip and the capacity of each group?

Folks in most of our destinations speak excellent English and some speak sufficiently. In any case there will always be an English-speaking representative to meet you and deal with any questions you may have on arrival.

What language is spoken at our destination and how will I communicate with my guide(s)?

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Most of the cities near our destinations are all fascinating with their own history and stories. All have many great sights and locations to visit. We can arrange these for you on request. Remember, you are in charge of your flights although you need to arrive at specific times at the start of your trip.

Can I stay more time for a city tour or other activities?

Most of our destinations are for double occupancy but some can accept solo anglers, who will have to join a group or share with another angler. Special rates can be arranged for single supplements i.e. single rooms, one angler per boat etc., which is usually a further 50% on top of the quoted price.

How much will it cost me extra for a single supplement and single room?

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Many destinations will tell yo beforehand for tips and gratuities. Average tips are $25 pp for each day fished for guides and the same to be shared by the camp/lodge staff. Of course if you feel you have been especially taken care of, or you have caught that all important huge fish, and feel you would like to tip someone a bit more, please do so. You will make a friend for life!

How much are tips generally to guides and camp/boat staff?

You can stay for as long as you like. Many of our clients get to the end of the week and wish they could stay for longer, while others are tired and want to go home. Special deals can be arranged for any clients who would like an extended trip. Please ask on request for prices.

Can I extend my fishing trip by another week?

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